Can I split the Atom and, from the parts, generate another thing?

So… my last post was somewhat sad – I tell about how impossible is to keep the Atom editor. Unfortunately, it still holds true – it’s close to impossible to handle the insane amount of code that Atom have.

But maybe is there a different way? So I decided to try: presenting, Project Saturn: a huge editor, but less dense. That’s the idea.

Saturn always fascinated me, and still fascinates: it’s a huge planet, but less dense than water. With a sufficient big bowl of water, Saturn would float. That’s precisely the idea I want in this new editor: to be less dense to keep, while somehow maintaining the power and “wow factor” of the editor. So, how to do it?

Meu workflow em Clojure

Há algum tempo postei sobre LightTable e Clojure, e embora minha opinião sobre essa nova forma de programar não tenha mudado, algumas coisas infelizmente mudaram bastante. A primeira foi o esquema de plug-ins do LightTable. Ele tem poucos plug-ins úteis, e alguns dos que existem não funcionam com as versões Read more…